Pitch Ready TeleRehab

World-class rehab advice, available world-wide

  • Had an ACL, knee or lower limb injury and want expert advice on how to best manage your rehab throughout the whole process?
  • Going back to training and need advice on appropriate drills?
  • Need advice to help determine readiness for ‘return to sport’?
  • Need help to get your rehab ‘back on track’?

Rehabilitation after long term injury can be a complicated process, but timely expert advice can help make the process as smooth as possible. 

The program is run by Sports Physiotherapist Tim McGrath (PhD), with nearly 20 years clinical experience and 15 years in professional sport. Tim developed Pitch Ready (www.pitch-ready.com), which utilises gold-standard clinical, performance and biomechanical testing data via a secure cloud-based portal to help guide decision-making and rehab management from injury through to return to sport. This process forms one of the most rigorous processes available anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to offer timely expert advice without geographical restrictions. 

How does it work?

You can book a suitable time via the ‘BOOK NOW’ button – available on the main landing page: if you cannot find a suitable time, please send us an email 

Choose a time, and the system will send an automatic meeting link

Sessions are delivered by ZOOM, with live interactions of your exercises in the gym or field, as well as use of pre-prepared videos to assist with your rehab.

Program framework is as follows: 

  1. Initial 1-hr consultation face to face or via ZOOM – discuss your medical history, any current barriers and goals to help frame up your future management plan
  2. Individualised rehab plan and programming
  3. Session delivery – available either live or as a pre-recorded session utilizing our own rehab facilities and with auto-follow cameras to help immerse you in the rehab experience as much as possible
  4. Return to sport guidance – we can deliver Pitch Ready testing remotely if you aren’t near a recommended testing hub.

What happens if I need to change an appointment?

The booking management system allows you to change appointments if > 24 hours before a scheduled appointment

What information should I include when booking an appointment?

The more information we have the better! This will help us to gain the most accurate picture in order to individualise your rehab approach.

Please include operation reports, imaging reports, follow-up letters from your specialist or other treating professionals. You can upload these through the secure portal at the time of booking. 

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