Rehab Running

Our ESSA and ASCA-accredited Exercise Physiologists, in coordination with our Sports Physiotherapists are able to prescribe programs that allow a seamless transition from land and gym-based activity into actual running again. Traditional rehab models particularly in community-level models often don’t give this crucial stage of the rehab process adequate attention, where the reality is that this phase is often the difference between a successful return to sport, or the return of symptoms with activity or even re-injury.

Whether your goal is to just be recreationally active, return to competitive sport, or even prepare for a marathon, this phase is a crucial time in the rehab process and has always been a strong technical offering at Elite. For this reason we strongly advocate supervised running sessions in the early (and most vulnerable phase) of running, with a graduated transition towards self-management as technique and ability allows. With continuous workload monitoring, and using methods that have been developed preparing athletes at recreational, state, national and international levels, we can take you from the early running process all the way through to a successful return to performance as you need. We specialise in Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, AFL, Cricket, Touch Football, Oz Tag, Netball and Athletics, but are able to assist with most sports.


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