About Us

Elite High Performance aims to improve performance and minimize injury risk in a fun and friendly environment.

Our ESSA and ASCA-accredited Exercise Physiologists offer athletic development and conditioning programs that are prescribed utilizing experience in elite sport combined with cutting-edge, research derived principles. Utilising testing equipment that is of international athlete standards, these include systems such as:

  • Jump mats (for training leg power and stiffness)
  • GPS Running data to analyze load monitoring
  • 3D Motion Analysis (VICON) Cameras to enable cutting-edge biomechanical assessment of movement
  • High Speed Video for 2D technique analysis
  • Force Load Cell to test and train hamstring strength
  • Speed Gates to enable accurate timing of speed and agility
  • Traditional gym-based strength testing including Elieko & UESAKA Equipment

We provide Private Health Rebates through HICAPS for eligible services.

We look forward to training with you.

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"None of the tools or knowledge that we acquire mean anything if we cannot use them in a skillful and unique manner. The HOW matters just as much as the WHAT and the WHY." - Brett Bartholomew